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1.)Please login to your account either using Facebook login or Register.

2.)You can go to category by pressing menu button beside of the cart icon.

3.)Here u can pick our category inorder to check our latest package

4.)Select your package

5.)Select your product and add it to cart

6.)Check your details and the product and Checkout.

7.)Fill up your shipping details. Please provide all the details.

8.) Select ur payment method:
  • Online Transfer
  • Our Wallet

9.) After select the payment method can press Proceed to payment

10.)You can press manage album in order check your picture or delele your pic

11.)Inside here, u can upload your pictures by clickingDrop Files Here to upload.

12.)After select your pics please wait for the loading bar until 100%

13.)You can delete your pics or check your pics by clicking Manage Album

14.) After all the image is one uploaded. You can press DONE UPLOAD & PROCEED

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